Tony Hunt wavetel at iname.com
Sat Jul 3 21:26:13 EST 2004

I need some help with Ozi-APRS and UI-view32 ..

Ive enabled the GPS TCPIP server output on port 1449 for UIview and
can certainly see the NMEA strings flying past if I setup the OziAPRS
to look at port 1449 .. But of course they are not valid APRS
posits with a Waypoint attached etc.

How can I get OziAPRS to do something with these strings like attach them
a waypoint or to pass them to OZiExplorer and plot them ?

Trying to get another Virtual port running on the machine is pretty well
of the question. I allready have a virtual loopback port running between
MixW and UIview. The machine is Windows 98SE. I could use the virtual com
port to pass the strings to Ozi-Explorer from UI-view but then I loose the
APRS TX/RX functionality with MixW..
I basically want to plot myself in real time onto Ozi-Explorer and not
UIview ..

Perhaps there is a addon that will listen on the TCPIP port and convert
NMEA into valid posits or Waypoints and resend them on the TCPIP thats all
it would take I guess.. Or maybee I am just not doing this the right way !

Tony Hunt VK5AH

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