[OZAPRS] Re: ozaprs Digest, Vol 12, Issue 10

Brian Beamish bbeamish at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jan 11 15:36:35 EST 2004

Hi Terry
Thanks for your interesting reply half your luck with the Flinders Ranges
so close by although we no longer have a serious 4x4 let us know when you
are going and we will tag along.
Had a 4x4 and several of them in fact since I first started to drive many
years ago and up until a few months ago now have gone down in size to a
toy 4x4 a Subaru Forester which as we no longer go bush bashing will do us
for a few years could retire right now but have put it off for a few years
health allowing few "Goodies" to buy yet and you can't do that very easily
being retired.
Hey please do let me know when you are going to do any HF Mobile APRS
experiments as I would sure like to try and monitor you.
To be honest the only reason I do anything in Amateur Radio these days is
the challenge hence my interest in HF APRS although we do have a problem
in this area with VHF as we have one good digipeater that is used most of
a day by a station just south of me digipeating virtually all VK, ZL and
some European traffic through it so much so that mobiles here cannot get
into it and most chaps locally have given APRS away for that reason, great
if one is just a listener but no good if one wants to operate.
We are off to ZL next week possibly taking VHF APRS gear with us so look
out for VK4BBS possibly coming from around Christchurch.
Look forward to copying you and others including VK3BYD on HF APRS soon.
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