[OZAPRS] Some speculation from an innocent bystander ...

Brian Beamish bbeamish at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jan 9 23:58:18 EST 2004

Hi Terry
Just heading off to bed and came into the shack to turn the gear off,
couple of quick answers on a couple of things that you mentioned.
My mobile is not on all the time generally work days Monday through and
including Saturday generally going to and from work. When travelling
around I will also often have the beacon running, you are correct my
mobile is not on full time.
It would be natural for the signals from Brisbane or any where a similar
distance to fade in and out as band conditions change during the course of
the day, wonder if you have heard any from VK6 yet?,
HF APRS is quite different to VHF there several very good reasons for
having short beacons on HF which include
The complete beacon that you are suggesting on VHF including speed,
Altitude, location and beacon text etc would take around 2 seconds whilst
that same beacon on HF could take up to around 10 seconds on HF. My
current HF beacon is around 4 seconds I could reduce this to about 3
seconds if I pulled the text out. Three stations with beacons similar to
mine operating on HF could operate in the same space your suggested beacon
would take up.
Particularly on HF a shorter beacon has a far better chance of getting
copied in full and being gated than a long one would, any beacon not
copied 100% complete does not get gated. I speak from previous experience
in this regard as I operated a HF BBS for a number of years.
Really I envisage that VHF APRS would be used in areas where there are VHF
digipeaters and HF would be used in remote country areas where there is no
VHF APRS or quite often no amateur radio operators at all. Ideal for
someone travelling or touring out into remote country areas or holidaying
away from home. Also ideal for Amateurs living in remote or isolated areas
who also want to join in APRS.
Better get to bed but just on a matter of interest what are you using for
Brian VK4BBS
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