[OZAPRS] FW: APRS Digi Controller

Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Thu Jan 8 18:18:34 EST 2004

Hi Ron,

We were running a Solar APRS site for about 12 month here in VK3 before
power was available.
We used a heavily modified FM828 and a Tiny 2 with low power cmos ICs
installed. The Firmware used was UIDIGI 1.8B6.

The system work better than expected only drawing a 100ma or so of power
when idle.

If you are looking for a very low power TNC for APRS I would suggest a
Kantronics KPC3+ if set correctly (leds off) they will only draw 15ma with
voltage range of between 6V to 25V. It does not have all the capabilities
a UIDIGI TNC but is a good second chose.


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I have had a request for Help from Ron Smith VK4AGS up north in
Can anyone help


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From: Ron and Val Smith [mailto:rsmitj at tpgi.com.au]
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Subject: APRS Digi Controller

Hi Darryl,
I am working with local clubs to set up a digi for APRS in the Gladstone
district in Central Queensland.
I have an 828 which is running fine on 145.175. We have antennae etc.
The site is a solar site and as such we have to limit the current draw. It
is a good site with good coverage to the major north-south highway, the
coast for cruising yachts, and the local district.
I need a suitable TNC/controller for the digi.
I have tried the RX_RLY12 PIC based version but it will only repeat the
tracker.mic-e/pic-e beacons and ignores all others.
The power limitations prevent the use of a computer running one of the
software packages.
Using an dm700 as a digi would be an over kill.
Can you advise on which way to go now.

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