[OZAPRS] aprsd & javAPRSSrv

John Williams vk5zty at bigpond.com
Fri Feb 20 17:50:20 EST 2004

I am looking at a way to set custom filters for aprsd via port 14580 on
I am thinking of further customising the gate to RF feed on the Adelaide
igate which currently runs aprsd 2.2.3.

When using an aprs client  the filter appears to persist between sessions.
Though if the server restarts the filter setting may be reset to default.

So writing some code to preset the filter prior to aprsd connecting would
be an option.
It would require setting the filter on all servers that aprsd has

Presetting the filter via a client is also a possibility but not really

Modifying the aprds code is an option.

Before I think of hacking code has any one else been down this path or
could offer other possible solutions.


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