[OZAPRS] RE: Good DX conditions yesterday on APRS

Richard Hoskin lhoskin at bigpond.com
Mon Feb 23 11:13:14 EST 2004

Hi Tony,

I've noticed that over the past week the conditions have been very good.
I've talked to a few Midura stations via the local 70cm repeater.

As you pointed out, in these situations APRS would be in a big mess if VK3
was on 145.175Mhz. The current arrangement protects us from a lot of
problems. I have talked to a number of commercial users of VHF and they
have issues with 'interference' from other stations when conditions are
good. This can cause major headaches for the Emergency Services.


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Subject: Good DX conditions yesterday on APRS

Well yesterday morning I awoke to find these interesting things happening
145.175 .. Have a look at this stuff.. I usually dont run UI-Path for for
some odd reason I had run it up and noticed a few odd callsigns appearing
the heard list.. UI-Path never shows Igate traffic so this made me really
look twice..

It was comming in thick and fast for over an hour..

07:23:11R VK7ZSJ>APU25H,VK7ZSJ-1*,VK3WRM-1*,VK5RSC-1*,TRACE3 Port=1 <UI C
=Ic:8XsFBr&  B* VK7ZSJ * Penguin NorthWest Tas * {UIV32}

Followed by our Igate..
07:23:18R VK7ZSJ>APU25H,TCPIP,VK5UJ-1* Port=1 <UI C Len=91>:
=Ic:8XsFBr&  B* VK7ZSJ * Penguin NorthWest Tas * {UIV32}

Also copied VK7RMD VK7RNW objects and VK7ZSJ-1 digi on the same path

Mannaged to pass some messages and get VK7ZSJ out of bed.. I even got

07:47:37R VK7ZSJ>APU25H,VK7ZSJ-1*,VK5RMB-1*,VK5RSC-1*,TRACE3 Port=1 <UI C
:VK5AH    :Hi, just saw msg, not a bad trip for this mode{28

This last message made it into VK5RMB-1 without going via VK3 ..

Also saw VK3MY-2 at about 0925 local as I was mobile and got a Bulletin
VK3MY-2 .. We dont see bulletins from VK3 via the Igate..
So all in all very interesting condx.. It would be chaos if most of VK3
on 145.175 I would say..

Tony Hunt VK5AH

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