[OZAPRS] Off Topic: Linux, Xastir advice needed

Norm McMillan njmcmillan at bigpond.com
Tue Dec 28 13:46:57 EST 2004

G'day all,

This is a little off topic, bit I know there are a number of 
Linux/Xastir users who may be able to help.

I have a 180MHz P_Pro box with 32 MB of EDO RAM.
I know I can run Win98Lite, UIView 32, and AGWPE.
I want to give Xastir a try.

I have lotsa Linux Distros from RH 5.2 to Mandrake 10, as well as 
Knoppix, Lindows and Lycoris LX. What will run on this (very) limited 
box? It'll run as a dedicated "standalone", running only Xastir and 
whatever other support apps are required.

I realise that something like "digined would probably be a better idea, 
but no gui!!!!

Norm, VK2XCI,
Voice of The Edge of The Outback.
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