[OZAPRS] Help practical advice wanted please

Brian Beamish bbeamish at bigpond.net.au
Mon Dec 27 18:55:15 EST 2004

Hi Folks
After several days in vain trying to get MSN Messenger working with Audio
all in vain as I have come up with the following results.
I can get Video each way no problem and I can hear that other operator but
they cannot hear me.
Below is a typical message that I receive, whilst my system is telling me
that it is still trying to connect the other operators system is telling
them that I am connected, I emphasis that I am talking about a Audio
Connection as both keyboard and video connections are 100%
"The network or computer you are trying to reach is experiencing a
problem. Please try again later".
We have been trying to talk to our grandchildren in ZL any tests have been
conducted with similar results separately with 3 different operators.
Some months ago PRIOR to installing my router I had if I recall no
problems at all I believe the problem lies within the router and that
whilst I have setup ports in it I obviously have the wrong ones setup.
If anyone can advise what the correct ports are to make a connection and
send Audio and also to make a connection and receive audio please do let
me know so that I can try them and get this darn thing working.
Incidentally I have the correct ports for Echo Link setup in the router
and it works well, without these in there it does not. 
All operators are using Windows XP Home and all using MSN Messenger all
with Broadband and three are on ADSL whilst I am on Cable myself.
I am using a Spirit SEP3040 Wireless Router with the computer that I am
trying to use using a cable not wireless connection.
Please no WINDOZ or similar messages but genuine help or advice would be
greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance
Brian VK4BBS
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