[OZAPRS] 100% OZ Map coverage possible

Brian Beamish bbeamish at bigpond.net.au
Wed Dec 22 09:58:11 EST 2004

Whilst unfortunately there is a cost involved for those who do not already
have them, 100% Oz Map coverage for APRS and other uses is available.
I use UI-View most of the time as I have many of the maps in there that I
require but should I want more detail or coverage of other areas any where
at all within VK as well as running UI-View I will run both NetAPRS and
OziExplorer with the Auslig maps alongside Ui-View this gives me an entire
coverage of VK. using the 250,000 to 1 set of maps.
For my own personal use I have produced other maps using various
directories and other maps available within OziExplorer that give me even
more street to street information locally. Whilst unfortunately not do as
much as once I have even produced a couple of detailed maps I think 10,000
to 1 for areas that we go bush walking in, the walking and camping will
increase again when we finally make up our minds and retire.
We wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas hopefully with family and
friends and that 2005 is one of the best years every for you all.
Maureen and Brian VK4BBS
PS: You will recall a couple of months ago we had 2-3 stations travelling
around in the Centre using HF APRS I was able to both track and log these
stations using the above setup.
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