John Williams vk5zty at bigpond.com
Sun Dec 12 16:48:57 EST 2004

Hi Terry,

It's working normally as far as I can tell.

I assume it is the -10 call you use mobile.
That got to the gate on its last hop.

Your WIDE2-2 becomes a WIDE2* on the last hop. So you took 3 hops to get
to the gate.
If you are curious about the paths your signal is taking, change your
WIDE2-2 to TRACE2-2 and the digipeater calls will appear in the path on
findu.  Change it back to WIDE2-2 or maybe 
WIDE3-3 if you find that 3 hops are not enough. Having said that, more
than three hops is going to reduce your chances of making it to the igate

That's what you get for living out in the sticks Terry, says me who lives
only slightly south in latitude.


> Finally , one for the VK5's -----  Is our VHF to Igate "gate" out of 
> operation?    Findu seems not to have heard from me for almost a week  
> -  I've been mobile on both vehicles in recent days on 2 metres, but no 
> feed through is apparent on later checking.
> 73
> Terry
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