Norm McMillan njmcmillan at bigpond.com
Sun Dec 12 10:00:55 EST 2004

Richard Hoskin wrote:
> Norm,
> I've changed my station from 7Mhz to 10Mhz for a time to give you a bit
> to see on the map.
> There's a lot of activity on 10mhz at the moment.
> Cheers
> Richard
Thanks Richard,
There sure is a lot of 10Mhz activity, I have a screenfull!!! I think 10 
Mhz will be more successfull than 7 for the application

The application is to get VHF mobiles gated to the internet, if need be 
using HF. I know VHF to HF gating is supposed to be a no-no. but the 
truth is ther's not another VHF digi within 200km or more!!

I'm only here for another six months or so, so the ultimate aim is a 
stand-alone unnattended site.

Norm, VK2XCI,
Voice of The Edge of The Outback.
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