[OZAPRS] VK email server

John Williams vk5zty at bigpond.com
Tue Apr 13 13:41:02 EST 2004

For people wishing to  send  an aprs message to an email address there is
now a local 
For people using igates connected to aprs.net.au or second.aprs.net.au the
email server will be 
no more than 2 aprs network nodes away.

This email server has two modes. Single line and multi line.


Destination address is VKMAIL
Alternate destination address is V
Either will work.  The latter being easier for D700s etc.

Email address is specified as  -  recip at host
Alternate email address is specified as  - recip at host

An example single line email

recip at host<space>message text

For multiline emails the ! character is used as the first character in the
message text e.g

LINE 1  contains the email address and some message text

recip at host<space>!message line 1

LINE2 to LINE n-1  contains the ! character as the first character in the


!next line 2


!next line 3

To terminate the message, simply leave out the ! at the start of the


end line.

The email message will then be sent.

Remember that aprs messages are restricted to 67 characters. Your aprs
client will probably 
allow you to go over that amount and the client will separate the text
into multiple aprs 
In this case the email server will do it's best to process what it
currently has and either send the 
email or respond with an error message.

For people using D700s etc while mobile (but not driving) or perhaps
sending a message via 
one of the digital satellites, there is a message timeout set to 4 minutes
for multi line emails.  
This timer is reset on receipt of each valid aprs message. So for instance
the server does not 
receive the last line of your message it will send the lines received on
expiry of the 4 minute 

The email server was written primarily to provide locality of service and
to incorporate at some 
point a number of additional functions that would be of local interest

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