[OZAPRS] Is it life and death.

Chris Hill chris.hill at crhtelnet.com.au
Sat Apr 3 14:09:00 EST 2004

Hi kevcav,

>It appears that my friends VK3MY and VK4DMI are the net control and have
>been all the long and regardless of the scientic or otherwise arguments
>from across the Tasman I repeat my earlier assertion that the frequency
>in use is where the pile up is not some figure on the dial.

Back in late December 2003, Ross VK3MY advised that he had QSY'd to the
agreed 30m APRS frequency (10.1476 USB assuming 1600/1800Hz).  This was
after a week or so of messages back and forth on this -bb.

VK 30m APRS operations QSY'd to the agreed National frequency, for all the
right reasons.  What is being asked now, is "are we actually on the right

In this day of 1ppm (or better) frequency accuracy, it is completely
feasible that amateurs can design and implement communications links that
work by design, rather than by fiddling and trial and error.  There's
certainly room for all in this hobby;  for those that lean more towards
"works-by-design" end of the spectrum, I believe that there is value in
methodically (and objectively) determining whether VK 30m APRS operations
are indeed on the frequency we think it is.

For those who are lean towards the "works-by-trial-and-error" end of the
spectrum, you don't have to worry about this discussion anymore;  just
netted to the exact frequency VK3MY is on.  If, (that's an "if", not a
"when"), if VK3MY ends up slightly adjusting his operating frequency, then
you can just re-net at that time.

My personal position is that VK 30m operations should be on the agreed
"mark" and "space" frequencies, +/-10Hz, to the best of each individual's
technical ability.


Chris vk6kch

p.s  You also asked "What is the point of all the rig checking and
spotting?".  What about ensuring we're not operating out of band?

For tones of 2110Hz & 2310Hz, and a suppressed carrier frequency of
10147.6kHz, an amateur can be transmitting 100W of RF on 10.14991kHz.
That's 100W of RF energy, less than 90Hz from the band edge.
If netting to a station operating on these frequencies, the netting
would have to net extremely accurately...  100Hz netting error, and now
"Space" tone results in 100W of RF right on the band edge...  or out of


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