[OZAPRS] UPDATE on VK3 APRS Network Design

M. Parsons sheba at alphalink.com.au
Sun Sep 28 21:27:38 EST 2003

Hi Richard,

All sounds pretty clever, but why can we not get on National Freq 145.175?
or have we learnt nothing from the railway gauge fiasco'
If we all ignored band plans we would still be working old chans A B C  on

2 metres.
As a traveller the need to qsy seems an undesired requirement.
If it is just the cost of  freq changes why not delay expansion of the 
network till
it is on correct freq which will mean less changes in the future,

At 01:15 PM 26/09/2003 +1000, you wrote:

>This is to inform you of the upcoming changes to the VK3APRS Network.
>The major limiting factor in the size of the APRS RF network is channel
>capacity. The aim of this change in design is to reduce the current VK3
>APRS RF traffic by between 10% to 20%. This will allow for future growth
>of the VK3 APRS RF network, especially in the Metropolitan areas. The
>Mildura IGate has not been included in this design as it has little
>impact on the VK3 RF network at present.
>The new design will comprise of 4 full-time RF RX ONLY Posit (Position
>Transmissions) IGates and one TX/RX Posit IGate (VK3SB). You may have
>noticed that the majority of the RX ONLY IGates are already in
>operation. (VK3HAP-1, VK3JTM-5, VK3JFK) These are represented on UI-View
>as stations with blue boxes around them.
>The RX Only IGates will receive all local APRS RF traffic and pass it to
>the Internet. They will also TX/RX messages for local stations. The main
>TX/RX IGate will Transmit Posits and Objects to the VK3 RF network. This
>is to some extent already done by VK3SB.
>The reduction in traffic levels will be achieved in two ways.
>1) All mobile and home stations will be within 2 hops (digipeaters) from
>an RX IGate.
>2) The majority of internet to RF traffic will come from one
>transmitter. This will result in a controlled transmissions pattern
>(similar to pond ripple) with minimal packet collisions from hidden
>transmitters. The additional advantage is the extended coverage of the
>current internet traffic to the NE of the state. (VK3KQU-1 has been
>performing this function part-time in the NE but may not be operational
>after 12/10/03)
>The introduction of the RX Only IGates will also provide 2 additional
>1) Better APRS messaging network as most messages will be sent via the
>internet rather than RF. This will increase reliability and speed for
>2) Greater reliability for POSITS to enter the APRS Internet network,
>creating more reliable tracking of Mobile stations via internet client
>It is very important that VK3 has only one TX/RX IGate as this stops
>packet looping and RF traffic congestion.
>It is planed to implement the new design once VK3MY-1 (Mt Dandenong) is
>back on air. It is also preferable that a permanent RX Only IGate be
>established in NE Victoria to cater for the 2 hop requirements.
>I you have any ideas that you think could improve this design or you can
>see issues with the design please let me know.
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