[OZAPRS] OziAPRS - New Version - No TNC Required

Darryl Smith Darryl at radio-active.net.au
Mon May 19 15:22:58 EST 2003


I have added a new version of OziAPRS - APRS for OziExplorer... It is
downloadable now on

The new feature is integration with the AGWPE software. The AGWPE
software allows you to use your computer sound card instead of an
expensive TNC. All that is needed is a simple cable from the audio
output on your radio to the line input of your sound card. This will
allow audio from two radios to be imported directly into OziAPRS.

To use the feature you need to download a copy of AGWPE from the link
above, and install it. It needs to be configured to use the WINSOCK
interface on port 8000. Once that is done you can connect to the AGW
Packet Engine by using Options|Connect to AGWPE.

In order to make the use of AGWPE easier I have changed the ports for
OziAPRS from 8000 to 7000. I hope to have more new features released in
the next few days


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