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Tony Hunt wavetel at iname.com
Sat Mar 29 19:10:33 EST 2003

Hi Ron .. I sent some messages to your home station earlier.. Not sure
your running in the mobile sending the NMEA string there but we see it all
ok through the Igate ..

I wont enter into the 145.175 discussion as its all be said apart from the
fact of Igate Looping or whatever you would like to call it..

Let me explain..
At times we see our own frames reappearing back through the Igate.. It
usually happens when theres an opening across to VK2WAG from VK5 .. It
to stem off the VK5BRC-7 and VK5RMB digis as they go to the East best from
here .. The local frames propagate through these digis and enter the
Internet stream from Wagga then reappearing here in Adelaide via the Igate
off the Net even though they have been passed into the Igate onto the Net
allready locally they seem to show up 60 seconds or so later in the
direction ..

This is exactly what happens when more than one igate is operational in
regional area.. Its a known problem.. My point being that propagation
to Mildura is more likely than Wagga at times on 2m..
All aside its a bit of fun in a way except it tends to almost double the
traffic on the Adelaide network when it happens.. This causes complete
saturation and compromises the function of particularly mobile tracking

I have had VK5RMB running a 3rd beacon at times in the summer with no path
at all on it.. Its a different symbol alltogether.. This was running at 10
minute intervals.. Most of us in the Metro area can not copy 5RMB direct
anyway so when we see the symbol change on RMB its because of the Igate
looping.. Its a sort of propagation indicator..

The problem (as I have said on this and other similar forums before) is
most popular APRS software
doesnt let us look at the real deal .. The frames as they appear off air
Some have monitor windows etc but the content like dupes non UI frames and
few other things that are going on causing excess traffic get doctored
I allways use a BPQ32 monitor window to actually see the real deal off
Its amazing what you see on there in the way of useless frames being
generated due to odd settings etc in peoples systems.. Its all adds up to
wasted bandwidth..

So Ron .. Go for it with the Igate APRSD 2.2.3 but be on the lookout for
Looping.. Maybee we can do something usefull with it all one day..

Tony Hunt  VK5AH

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> Ron,
> >As some of you may have noticed, I've been endeavouring to set up an
> >Igate (VK3WRM) here in Mildura.

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