[OZAPRS] Strange Positions...

Darryl Smith Darryl at radio-active.net.au
Tue Jun 24 11:01:06 EST 2003


I am seeing some strange data from a VK3 station... Very strange. The data
looks slightly corrupt, but it appears that the GPS is working correctly.

By my calculations his car has travelled 10390 KM in the last 90
Which I suspect is a land speed record for a Toyota Landcruiser... In one
case the GPS set the position EXACTLY 5 degrees west of where it should
be... In the other case it was EXACTLY 36 degrees north.

The way that MIC-E stores the longitude is as a single character - at
for our purposes. The value of the character went from 0x75 to 0x70. For
Lattitude the double-byte went from 0x5358 to 0x525A

In both cases it was two bits on the serial data stream that was
corrupted... In the first case two bits went missing... And in the 2nd
one bit went missing and one bit was set. For this reason I suspect that
there might be an issue with the connection between the GPS and the
The connector probably just needs to be cleaned... The plug might not be
properly, and the cool weather has caused some RS-232-feedback from the
output of the GPS connector from the D700... Could be a number of

This is not a dig at any person... This is just an example of how people
like us in the digital world still need to take care of the analog side...


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