[OZAPRS] VK3FUR-3 (Richmond, Melbourne, VIC QF22)

Michaela Wheeler aprs at michaela.lgbt
Sun Feb 26 17:51:15 AEDT 2023

I've upgraded the radio for VK3FUR-3 from Motorola GM300 to DM3400. This should have several enhancements from the previous:

10W -> 25W
12.5kHz -> 25kHz (and hopefully closer to correct deviation - maybe...)
flat -> pre-emphasis'd

Radio still listens to flat RX audio however direwolf can handle this and adjust for both cases.

I still need to do a walk around the city to confirm coverage and RX is still good - signal reports appreciated. 

Questions / concerns? hit me up on or off list.

  Michaela Wheeler
  michaela at michaela.lgbt

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