[OZAPRS] Error with APRS-IS truncated part at CR

Stef VK5HSX vk5hsx at protonmail.com
Sat Oct 16 11:22:30 AEDT 2021


I have recently installed and configured RX Igate and I have been receiving
Below is a igate captured log showing the section RC IGate: Truncated information part at CR.
VK5HSX-7 audio level = 43(12/10) [NONE] |||||____
[0.2] VK5HSX-7>S5S0V1,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1:`BJ+l#?[/`"3z}Stef ptble _ <0x0d>
MIC-E, Human, Yaesu VX-8, In Service
S 35 30.6100, E 138 46.1500, 0 MPH, course 335, alt 26 ft
Stef ptble<0x20>
Rx IGate: Truncated information part at CR.
[rx>ig] VK5HSX-7>S5S0V1,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1,qAO,VK5DAD-5:`BJ+l#?[/`"3z}Stef ptble _<0x20>
I have done several of these and this is the first time I have come across it. I get disconected and reconnects after connection error.

using rtl-sdr and direwolf v1.6 . I will show you my start-up script below.
pi at raspberrypi:~ $ cat rc.aprs
#!/bin/sh -e
# Starting Direwolf APRS IGate
rtl_fm -F 8 -M fm -p 46 -f 145.175M - | direwolf -d i -c /home/pi/direwolf.conf -L /var/log/direwolf -r 24000 -D 1 -
sleep 18
exit 0
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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