[OZAPRS] New HF APRS iGates in VK5 - 30m/40m

Graeme graeme at abrona.com.au
Sat Sep 12 18:34:59 AEST 2020

Hello Mark,

Your 40m igate has been receiving my mobile beacons exceedingly well 
from SW NSW even though aprs.fi doesn't list my tracker's callsign 
VK2HFG-9 as having been heard directly.  It appears that aprs.fi doesn't 
recognise OT+ compressed position beacons for the stations heard 
directly statistics even though it shows them on the map of position 
packets sent to aprs-is.  OT+ compressed format is not Mic-E compressed 
format and the packets are never listed by any igate as having been 
heard directly so its not just your igate.

Graeme VK2HFG

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>> Hi all,
>> I'm now running receive-only HF APRS iGates at the AREG low-noise 
>> remote HF Receive site, which is north of Adelaide. The antenna is a 
>> broadband conical monopole. The callsign is currently VK5QI-3.
>> The receivers are sitting on:
>> 30m: 10147.6 kHz USB
>> 40m: 7045.2 kHz USB
>> These iGates are using direwolf, which is hooked into the Airspy HF 
>> SpyServers which are running up at the site. This allows the 
>> receivers to be shared amongst many clients, of which the HF APRS 
>> decoder is one.
>> Information on the scripts I'm using to run this is available here: 
>> https://gist.github.com/darksidelemm/6b60767714295962771bca7b728b343c
>> The 30m iGate has been running for a while, and has seen stations as 
>> far away as Europe.
>> 73
>> Mark VK5QI
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