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I personally don't use it for messaging, just location services.
I run 3 iGATE's located in very lofty locations that gate quite a lot of
traffic from all across VK3.
Sometime in the future, I might use it for data transfer, but not at the

Some use it for balloon tracking.

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This is my first question since joining this extremely low traffic list
three months ago. I cannot see any practical use for APRS but since I'm
stranded in a caravan park because of the virus I've had a little play. 
I have a network connection via aunz.aprs2.net and I'm using Xastir.

I've sent short messages to 3 or 4 stations at random and have never
received a reply. This could be because these stations are unattended, which
is very likely, or my messages aren't being received by the intended

aprs.fi shows that my messages have been sent several times. This could be
the way that messages propagate around the network or some sort of retry
method until the system gives up.

So, should I be able to send messages via aunz.aprs2.net. I don't have a
need to send a message, I'm just curious.


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