[OZAPRS] Direwolf on RPi

Scott Evans vk7hse at gmail.com
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As a guess I'd say that it's failing at the pipe into direwolf. Cron is not the best way to auto start programs. Now I vaguely recall some chatter on this a week or so ago and iirc there is a script included in direwolf source code for starting it as a systemd service (this way any permissions and users are better handled)

However my memory is not as reliable as it once was!

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Good afternoon and welcome to my nightmare

Running the latest Raspberry Pi OS Lite 32 bit –previously  known as Raspbian Buster - on a Pi 3B+. Trying to auto-start direwolf at reboot. Wrote a cron job in nano using crontab –e

@reboot /usr/bin/rtl_fm –f 145.175M - | direwolf –c sdr.conf –r 24000 –D –

The file saved without error and assured me that the new crontab had been installed. Now at reboot, quick as a flash, nothing happens. No error message. Nada. Almost as if the cron job isn’t being run... or read... or something. I know the command line works, that’s how I’m starting it at the moment.

So what have I done wrong, or not done right? 🤔

norm vk3xci
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