[OZAPRS] VK1RGI-1 config changes

glen english LIST glenlist at cortexrf.com.au
Sat Jan 4 10:29:19 AEDT 2020

Due to the amount of weather and vehicle traffic like this (below) 
coming out of the sydney basin, and the configuration of VK2RHR-1,  we 
are no longer APRS digipeating VK2RHR traffic. there are plenty of 
sydney options for RHR to get into a sydney IGATE receiver.

A packet going out on VK1RGI affects traffic and clear air resources for 
a good 300km.

comments and suggestions most welcome.  - glen .

:example :



Weather Report, WEATHER Station (blue), APRSISCE win32 version
S 33 16.0700, E 151 13.3700 wind 6.9 mph, direction 1, gust 8, 
temperature 92, rain 0.00 in last hour, rain 0.00 in last 24 hours, rain 
0.00 since midnight, humidity 37, barometer 29.86, ""

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