[OZAPRS] APRS from an airliner: keeping it simple

Carlos PECO BERROCAL carlos.peco at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 00:14:50 AEDT 2020


I fly a lot, I wish I could avoid it but I have bills to pay...
Some airlines provide on-board internet access, there is a small amount of
data you can move for free. I was thinking in a mechanism to obtain my GPS
location from the aircraft mode-S transponder broadcast and then upload my
posits to APRS-IS

Too complex (it seems)

Looking at aprs.fi today, I saw a person doing something similar over
Canberra and Sydney, but only at low flight levels:


Is there someone here with experience with airliners? I have seen people
beaconing from private and recreational, but never from big birds.

Carlos VK1EA
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