[OZAPRS] Good conditions this evening

David Walker vk2na at bigpond.com
Tue Dec 15 22:17:37 AEDT 2020

HI Jack,

I was active today on 40 and picked up VK1MIC and VK7HSE.  Not much other activity on aprs on 40m.



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From: Jack Schultz
Sent: Tuesday, 15 December 2020 8:35 PM
To: Australian APRS Users
Subject: [OZAPRS] Good conditions this evening

Just poking around on aprs.fi I noticed a few long paths in the south-east of the country. Among those was this one just seen from VK5RAC-1 to VK7DIK, at around 1172 km. Certainly worth mentioning if it's not a false positive.

20201215092749,VK5RAC-1>APNU19,EYRE2-2,qAR,VK7DIK:!3423.56SS13557.24E#PHG5630/ Eyre Pen. Ui-Digi PF75XO @330m

Jack Schultz

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