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> https://www.amsa.gov.au/sites/default/files/styles/news_featured_image/public/Challenger-Full.jpg?itok=kIPKlpkP&c=f2acb4cb0737b7163781a1bc7b8bf419
> They run AIS.
> Peter VK2EHQ
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> https://aprs.fi/info/i/111503026
> apparently this ship is aground in a drought zone, yet still doing
> 1053kph
> Quite impressive, really!
> Liz

Maybe, but VH-XNC was last seen near Perth
VH-XND flew Coffs harbour to Essendon today and wasn't in the air over
that place nor in the air at that time
VH-XNE was at approx 30S and 152 E at that time (1659 AEST)
and at that place on APRS (35S, 145E) about 0920 AEST

What I don't seem to be able to look at is my own ADS-B logs to find an
aircraft at that time. I would have heard it, that's well within my
receiver range.
VH-XNE is in my receiver range right now, doing 401 knots which is only
745 kph, not the claimed number (actually 1037kph)

Anyway, you can't believe everything you see on aprs.fi


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