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Fri May 3 19:40:16 AEST 2019

Hi Mal,

APRS messenger set up on receive on 10.1476 USB from Evandale central Tas.

Using PCR-1500 and dipole

Will leave it running overnight and Sat.

If anything received I will try and set up for tx from Sunday (unavailable Sat).

HF APRS worked well for me last time I drove to Darwin except for last few hundred kms from memory.

I was using whip antenna and Codan 6924.


Peter Dodd

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Sent: Friday, May 3, 2019 3:01 PM
To: 'Australian APRS Users' 
Subject: [OZAPRS] MFSK-16

Hi All


I will be running MFSK-16 on 30m (and maybe 40m) this weekend, (Darwin to Katherine Saturday morning and returning Monday.) 

Note: - Dial frequency of 10.1476Mhz USB plus a tone frequency of 2.1 kHz gives 10.1497MHz.


If I switch to 40m it will be on the following: -

Dial frequency of 7.0452MHz on USB plus a tone frequency of 2.1 kHz gives 7.0473MHz.


These figures are for APRS Messenger.  This software is Available here (Currently no Linux software available): -



Please let me know if you are currently running APRS Messenger?


I will be utilising my FreeTrak16 see details below: -










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