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Hi Peter

Yup you can certainly run multiple i-gates but yes they must be separated by a different ssid and you will be ok.
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Hi All,

I’m after some advice.
I have a APRS iGate operating on 2m.
I’m looking at setting up a HF iGate as well.

My question.
Can you have two or more APRS interfaces in the same IP subnet?
I use Microstat WX3in1Mini’s as my interface.
I would assume each iGate would need separate callsigns. i.e. VK3RYN-1 for 2m, VK3RYN-15 for HF. The passcode generators produce the same passcode regardless of suffix. Does this matter?

Thanks in advance.


Peter Chaplin
peter at chaplin.net.au<mailto:peter at chaplin.net.au>

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