[OZAPRS] FT8 like modulation for HF APRS

Wade Smith wade.vk1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 10:39:40 AEST 2019

Hi All,

Was reading some old (2018) posts where there was a discussion of new
modulation types.

For those that weren't aware the new protocol called JS8 was built on FT8
and has similar weak signal properties.

It is designed to be a keyboard to keyboard mode but also has a number of
features built into its APIs. One being (one way) HF> APRS. On any band
with RX stations. Head to psk reporter and filter on JS8 and you can see
online stations.

I have used it a bit on raspberry pis and can liken it to APRS messenger on

Here is a vid of portable HF APRS in use:  https://youtu.be/mQxmhPqcQzA




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