[OZAPRS] Foundation and RF APRS new thread

Norm McMillan vk3xci at gmail.com
Sat Dec 21 10:30:51 AEDT 2019

The old thread was getting hard to follow!

   1. Local APRS user VK3FXBR is using APRSdroid, identifying as 3FXBR-5 on
   xastir and APRS.fi.The comment field simply has the APRSdroid URL. Symbol
   is a fire truck!!!
   2. I notice a number of others doing the same thing, using normal rf
   APRS with full callsign in the comment field.

Both vk3fxbr and 3fxbr generate passcodes at
https://apps.magicbug.co.uk/passcode/index.php/passcode .

Someone with more knowledge than I might like to comment on the legality of
both cases? I'm not an APRSdroid user so I don't know if it's possible to
put a comment with a callsign in APRSdroid.

Another question... would a 3F*** call be gated IS to RF? Guess it depends
on the software etc.

norm vk3xci
custodian. Mildura raspberry pi-gate vk3xci-10
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