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G'day Chaps,

Been a while since Ive conversed with all, but Grants proposal has 
peaked some interest !

If Tony wants to do a UiDigi rom, I'm happy  to donate the H/W. I 
probably have several Syntrx / MFJ combos kicking around here that could 
be pressed back into service ! Albeit a bit old now but probably good as 
an interim.  Certainly have proved reasonably reliable over last ? 20 
years or so  ! However, Id still recommend working toward a Pi3 / 
ODdorid with Direwolf in the longer term including internet connectivity 
with a GSM hat of some sort would be the go.

Rgds .. Andrew .. VK5EX

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Date: 	Tue, 24 Jul 2018 12:12:37 +0930
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  Hi Grant,

Long time no talk.  I am quite happy to provide a UIDigi Eprom for 5RSB-1 if
you want. I am just about to do a new one for RLH-1 Just get it going using
a standard TNC2 eprom and then once your happy just drop in the Ui-Digi
eprom. I can configure it similarly to 5RHO 5RMB 5RLH 5BRC and they will all
work together happily. Ive never run a UiDigi with the sate machine and open
squelch as you described but you have all the hardware with the radio and
TNC2 or clone. It just needs a Eprom dropped in.
May be we can take that discussion off this list. Having a digi at
Summertown will be pretty amazing I suspect so its a great idea.
Ive got a mobile phone number for you still which ends in 048 but that's
probably history.

The current state of affairs is pretty sad with APRS on RF in Adelaide. Not
to many of us have the sort of time that we used to. Currently I am working
on 5RSC which has been off air for nearly 12 months. This will be going back
on site soon.  Terry 5ATN has noticed the issues with 5RLH which is next on
the list and is hopefully an easy fix. Looks like I will be taking a drive
up there soon to Lochiel.
I need to talk to someone about 5RMB-1 Digi. Its just not working any more
and once you go east of Crafers currently the mobile coverage is just not
there. Since the site revamp at RMB it only worked breifly and then stopped.
There are various theories including possible antenna issues.
Tony Hunt VK5AH
   wavetel at internode.on.net    www.wavetel.net.au     PH 0418 814 444

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On 24/07/2018 6:37 AM, Grant Willis wrote:
> Folks,
> It has long been an idea of mine to see a high site digipeater on the 
> top of the Adelaide Hills around Mt Lofty / Crafers / Summertown to 
> provide broad area metro RF coverage. Adelaide has many I-Gates but 
> the one RF digi we have for the Adelaide plains isn't well sited for 
> that role (VK5RHO) and coverage in the Western and inner SW/SE suburbs 
> has been poor since VK5TTY lost it's site a few years ago.
> An opportunity has now arisen to install a machine at the long time 
> licensed but never activated (on APRS) VK5RSB site at Summertown using 
> the VHF antennas that have now been installed for the temporary VK5RAD 
> 2m repeater (while it's tower was being refurbished).
> Thanks to Glen 1XX I have obtained a TAIT radio. I have also dug out 
> of the old SAPUG stores the Tiny-2 TNC that used to run the VK5RAD 
> ROSE node which has a DCD State Machine built in (allowing open mute 
> operation).
> However, before I glue the hardware together in a case, I would like 
> some suggestions please on the following:
> 1)If I stick with the Tiny-2 TNC what EPROM software do people suggest 
> is best for APRS these days? (version, download source etc please?)
> 2)If I don't stick with the Tiny-2 (depends on how serviceable it is) 
> what alternatives do people suggest for the digital side that are 
> bulletproof and fit the KISS principle?
> The site will be a plain WIDE2-2 digipeater - no internet connectivity.
> Regards,
> Grant VK5GR
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