[OZAPRS] New Proposed APRS Digi for Adelaide - ideas?

vk2tv vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Tue Jul 24 10:05:19 AEST 2018

My first reply ended up private to Grant, so this is take two!

Hi Grant,

I was using a Tiny-2 with DCD option on 145.825 for aprs satellitesand 
86 days ago (current uptime) I changed to an Odroid C1+ running 
Direwolf, and I'm now decoding between two and three times the number of 
satellitetransmisions, this using the same radio, a Kenwood TM-V71A. The 
Raspberry Pi is also a suitable computer but I chose the Odroid because 
it has a RTC on board and  a battery backup option for it.

Direwolf does something a hardware TNC can't do, it compensates for 
signals that are over or under deviated and signals with grossly 
incorrect pre-emphasis. If you haven't already, have a read of A Better 
Packet Demodulator on this site 

I'm surprised Glenn didn't try to talk you into using Direwolf and an 
Odroid (;->)

Ray vk2tv

(Hi to Glenn VK1XX, the XU4 is working fine with Armbian).

On 24/07/18 06:37, Grant Willis wrote:
> Folks,
> It has long been an idea of mine to see a high site digipeater on the 
> top of the Adelaide Hills around Mt Lofty / Crafers / Summertown to 
> provide broad area metro RF coverage. Adelaide has many I-Gates but 
> the one RF digi we have for the Adelaide plains isn’t well sited for 
> that role (VK5RHO) and coverage in the Western and inner SW/SE suburbs 
> has been poor since VK5TTY lost it’s site a few years ago.
> An opportunity has now arisen to install a machine at the long time 
> licensed but never activated (on APRS) VK5RSB site at Summertown using 
> the VHF antennas that have now been installed for the temporary VK5RAD 
> 2m repeater (while it’s tower was being refurbished).
> Thanks to Glen 1XX I have obtained a TAIT radio. I have also dug out 
> of the old SAPUG stores the Tiny-2 TNC that used to run the VK5RAD 
> ROSE node which has a DCD State Machine built in (allowing open mute 
> operation).
> However, before I glue the hardware together in a case, I would like 
> some suggestions please on the following:
> 1)If I stick with the Tiny-2 TNC what EPROM software do people suggest 
> is best for APRS these days? (version, download source etc please?)
> 2)If I don’t stick with the Tiny-2 (depends on how serviceable it is) 
> what alternatives do people suggest for the digital side that are 
> bulletproof and fit the KISS principle?
> The site will be a plain WIDE2-2 digipeater – no internet connectivity.
> Regards,
> Grant VK5GR
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