[OZAPRS] Distorted tones in central VK5 area (Terry, VK5ATN)

Tony Hunt wavetel at internode.on.net
Thu Jul 12 01:08:30 AEST 2018


I believe your right on the money there. 5RLH has not been seen on air
properly decoded for over 30 days now.
I directed some specific packets at 5RLH-1 tonight to confirm it and yes
it’s the very same animal when I got responses back from it. It sounds like
a fair bit of Humm on the transmission so it may indicate a power supply
issue. Its basically undecodable. I heard this one myself about a week ago
while out in the northern suburbs but could never work it out.
There is no doubt in my mind that its 5RLH after doing those tests tonight.

So good on ya for nailing it for us. Perhaps Mark could take this up with
Graham 5GH as I believe he has the contacts out there and was likely the
last one to look at it. Otherwise I will give him a ring.

Tony VK5AH 

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This is primarily a question for APRS members in VK5.

For some time now I've been hearing some very distorted packets on 145.175. 
They are very strong here in Balaklava, and they would appear to be coming
from a station configured as a digipeater.

The packets do not decode on any of my receiving equipment.   Indeed the
sound is very much the same as my own earlier packets from this QTH when
using the computer connected to either of my TNCs - a strong 50 (or 100) Hz
buzz superimposed on each transmitted packet.   Mine appears to be an earth
loop issue which I've given up on. I now use a WX3in1 here as an Igate for
my own experiments - and of course anyone else who is close enough to be

I've a feeling that the station could be VK5RLH - I apologise if it's not,
but whatever it is - it gets a lot of airtime - possibly to no useful
purpose.    I'm completely out of any communication loop here at the SA
level, so I wonder if anyone else has heard these packets, and/or  do they
have information more substantial than my speculation about their source.  
More importantly perhaps are any steps under way to rectify the problem.


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