[OZAPRS] Questions about tncs

Max Bainrot mbainrot at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 08:32:04 AEST 2018

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to the whole packet radio shenanigans and been tinkering
away for the past couple of days and have been running into gremlins

I’m currently using a mobilinkd tnc2 firmware on a home brew shield on a
16mhz Arduino which works o.k. but it seems like it has a really long delay
between transmitting and receiving, like long enough for default settings
xastir (more on that later) to get impatient and retransmit like 6 times
before entropy has it that the acknowledgement makes it through.

Is this just because the firmware is asking too much of the poor little
atmega328p or is it something else? Doesn’t appear to be the radio(s) as I
have two radios, wuxeon handheld and a tyt md380 (working 439.100 as there
is no local digipeter) and switched radios between the sender and receiver,
updated firmware on both Arduinos, the tncs where crashing before I
attached ferrites to the cables but that appears to have fixed the issue.

I haven’t confirmed beyond all doubt if the tnc is still randomly rebooting
or not, going to hook the bus pirate (it has high z serial mode) up to the
tnc’s serial lines to see if it’s singing it’s song of it’s people every
time it transmits.

The reset on connect jumper is enabled btw, is it xastir closing and
reopening the serial port?

I’m also using default settings in xastir for kiss tnc which could be
another mistake I’ve made?

Now onto the topic of xastir :) does anyone know where I can find the
setting to slow it right down??? It resends wayyyyy too quickly which is
both bad form and severely aggrevates the problem. I’m also thinking of
rocking YAAC as it’s java based so I can use the latest version on all
operating systems and I can slow it right down.

Reason I am running down the open hardware and/or diy route is I am
intending on cooking up a raspberry pi zero hat/cape, so want to leave
options open for my future shenanigans.

Many thanks in advance,
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