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Wed Jan 17 20:30:18 AEDT 2018

So How are we going with this new HF protocol, need soon , or will have to use the old FSK system.

Please help.

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been doing more work on getting the code and system platform portable.

reading my own notes on things that have to be set like real time permissions.

good news is I have the 64 bit version also working on the Odroid C2, which means it will also work on the latest RPi.. Took a few naughty things to be fixed for AARCH64

CPU utilization is 40% on the C2 (4 x A53 @ 1,5G ) , same as XU4 (4 x
cortexA15 @ 1.4G + unused 4 x A7 ) which is surprising and good for power consumption, required grunt etc- for full 1500 Hz width  of search window. Peak demod power consumption of about 2.5W.


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