[OZAPRS] Weather stations

VK2XSE liz at billiau.info
Tue Jan 9 09:32:44 AEDT 2018

Bob wrote:
> I have been thinking of maybe adding my off the shelf WH3081 weather
> station to the network. It has a USB socket so I would need a USB plug
> to plug cable or some kind of interface. Any advice besides RTFM?
> I've noticed too some weather stations report in imperial measurements
> i.e. wind at 25mp/h.Is this a technical weather station problem? Did we
> abandon the metric system and I missed the announcement? Is it just
> sloppiness or laziness of the installer? I'm used to dealing in knots
> but not mp/h.
> Just wondrin Bob vk2byf

Weewx is ideal for all sorts of weather stations, and has an addon which
provides a packet ready to transmit for aprs, and an active user list to
help with any problems


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