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Hi Dave,


Actually the LoRa APRS concept doesn't use LoRaWAN, we're driving the Semtec
SX127x's directly with any cheap micro to access the benefits of LoRa
modulation, that's why we quote the Frequency, Bandwidth, Spreading Factor &
Coding Rate parameters.  In LoRaWAN networks those parameters (including
packet management) are dealt by the LoRaWAN network server.


LoRa APRS tracker including GPS is less than $16 :) vs cheapest LoRaWAN node
still around $45 :(  LoRa APRS i-Gate <$75, LoRaWAN gateway >$600.


In Townsville, we're lucky to be able to experiment with several publicly
accessible LoRaWAN networks (plus there's two private networks) in the
915/923MHz ISM band.








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LoRa is the radio protocol, the gateway is LoRaWAN and sends the packet on
to other devices/services such as ITTT.




On 30 Dec 2017 18:14, vk4tec at tech-software.net
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Hi Andrew 


I have been sending APRS LoRa across the room here 


I am using Arduino , adafruit GPS and LORA shield from JAYCAR


Can you educate me to the gateway part ?


Andrew VK4TEC 


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