[OZAPRS] APRS- UI digi question

Justin Albury justin at jacomms.com
Tue Oct 31 16:45:09 AEDT 2017

VK2RHR-1 is a WIDE1-1 & iGate

It's only been an iGate since I installed the DMR repeater.  If for any reason users would like it to change from a WIDE1-1 let me know.....happy to play :-)

I will soon have my new tower built on the hilltop in Goulburn and my digi/iGate will change from VK2JUZ-1 to VK2RGN-1 another 120m + tower higher in the sky

Justin Albury
J Albury Communications
justin at jacomms.com
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Can anyone tell me why I am seeing VK2NR-5 and not other traffic out of sydney.

Someone in sydney might be able to tell me why, or someone else might shed some light. Yes I understand the WIDE  etc nomenclature.

I see there are a few digipeaters and users still expecting/using RELAY and  TRACE  ...

ALot of old digipeaters around on hills that are neglected.

}NEUTBAY>APRS,TCPIP,VK2NR-5*::BLN2SYDTD:Tide 0.73M, Vis 30Km, Cloud 01 Okt, Air Qual 50, UV idx  

I cannot see his original packets of course- that is BEFORE the substitutions.

as I understand it if he used WIDE2-2, then VK2RHR-1 would be the next and send WIDE2-1 and VK2RBM-1 would hear WIDE2-1 and since that's the end, just subs its own call in there.

The question is also, how come I am not hearing other WIDE2-2s out of sydney via  VK2RHR-1  ?

There is something I do not understand yet.

I had a look at the igate raw packet dump but that was for some other packets he sent.



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