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Norm McMillan vk3xci at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 09:49:53 AEDT 2017

My $0.02 worth. I was one of the VERY early packet operators as VK2XCI.,
BBS at VK2RRT, or was it VK2BXQ?

.I still have "7575 xtal in my trusty 828, awaiting the Lazarus of
connected packet
.. The internet happened to bbs's and such, 'tho I'm pleased to see there
are some still active
... Connected packet lives on in various timing/scoring/safety packages
used by WICEN at sporting events. (eg TRAK)
..... Rose, netrom etc??? I can imagine a system using the internet in
place of the ROSE/Netrom/backbone. APRS already does one


norm vk3xci

On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 8:57 AM, Thomas Karpiniec <tk at 1.21jiggawatts.net>

> On Mon, 16 Oct 2017, at 07:54 AM, Glen English VK1XX wrote:
> > - what happened to ROSE and net/rom ? are there any of those gateways ?
> > - is there much connected mode traffic these days ?
> Speaking only for southern Tas, there are a couple of varieties of BBS
> and a NETROM node on air, operated by Danny VK7HDM. I log in from time
> to time but it would be pretty quiet if not for the bulletins routed
> over the internet. Recently some of us have been playing with linux and
> jnos TCP/IP which is all connectionless on the packet side.
> Cheers, Tom VK7NTK
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