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HF aprs works well and covers the whole of Australia. There are nets in 30 meters and 40 meters. My experience is that 30 meters works well from 7am to 7pm and then 40m works best after that.

Both nets work well, like any more, preparation factors need to be considered.

In regards to Tuning, note the type of modem you have as it sets the Carrier offset. Look on.line for details. Google and you tube are your friend.

Major item is setting ALC for correct input level, so it does not overdrive and distort,  which is add input till it shows on the ALC and then back off gently  until it doesn’t show any level.

Then you should be ok… I'm overseas at the moment, but by then end of the week I will be back, contact me direct on my email and only too happy to listen out and check your signal.

I hope this note finds you well and it sounds like a wonderful trip.

Yours in Radio


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I had hoped that someone running a HF net iGate would have provided some insight on best practice for Australian APRS tuning.  I'll wing it and I'll enjoy the journey.


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What is wrong with travelling from VK6 (Western Australia) to VK8 (Northern Territory) via VK5 (South Australia), drive across the Nullabor, 3 (Victoria) they share a common border, 7 (Tasmania) that is a trip across Bass Strait , 3 (Victoria) back across Bass straight and 5 (SA again) again they share a common boarder. VK5 to VK8 has a very good bitumen road and lots of other interesting  ways of getting from one to another.
Just my $0.02 worth.

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Google it!

(Suitably short answer to a short question)   ;)

> QTR Sat, 21 Jan 2017 12:46:59 +0800 vk6mt at hamradio.org.au QTC
>> Can someone please provide me with info on the HF side as I'm
>> planning to relocate from VK6 to VK8 via VK5, 3, 7, 3 and 5.
> I think you will need APRS because you already sound lost!
> ;)
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