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Hi All

Thanks for the assistance (and the entertaining comments).  I think we have it all working!  



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When I ran a HF gateway I set the radio dial appropriate for the TNC tones and that was it. I use USB even though either sideband can be used with the appropriate dial offset. I occasionally used a waterfall display in Digipan (I think) to look at the frequency of other signals. As somebody else said, don't drive the tx into ALC. I don't know what gear you'll be using but I always used KISS TNCs for the gateway and found some txtail time was required. Txtail is a KISS parameter you can read about elsewhere, but from memory I used 40mS. TXD needs to be set higher than for VHF packet (aprs) - I used 400mS.
My gateway had 20m, 30m, and 40m, radio ports, and 30m walks ALL over the other two. For the 30m BBS prior to me going to aprs I had links to some parts of Oz (at about 1000km) for 22 hours a day.
Ray vk2tv

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I had hoped that someone running a HF net iGate would have provided some insight on best practice for Australian APRS tuning.  I'll wing it and I'll enjoy the journey.

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