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Bob vk2byf at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 11:31:27 AEDT 2017

Have I been paying attention?

I have been watching and learning from this group for quite a while.

I have been trying to make an interface between ZASTONE transceiver and 
Raspberry Pi

BTW the cheap and nasty 3D USB sound cards work on the PI 2.

I finally abandoned the idea of using a VOX circuit and am now taking my 
PTT signal directly from the Pi's GPIO pin 25 which seems to work a treat.

The whole reason for doing this is because my 5W TinyTrack3 can't be 
seen until I get some altitude due to the local, Nowra, WIDE having been 

I can see the TinyTrack vk2byf-9 signal and the digi vk2byf-1 signal on 
another system (RTL-SDR) and Gqrx with AFSK1200 decoder.

I see the following.

10:46:57$ fm VK2BYF-9 to STU1P9-0 via WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 UI PID=F0


10:46:58$ fm VK2BYF-9 to STU1P9-0 via VK2BYF-1,WIDE1-0,WIDE2-1 UI PID=F0


The first line 10:46:57$ is from the TinyTrak in the car direct?

The second line 10:46:58$ shows vk2byf-9 has been digipeaded by 
vk2byf-1, 1 second later, where the first WIDE1-1 has been replaced by 
the my digipeater's callsign?

So my digipeater works and I can move on to my next project or did I 
miss something?

Thanks for your input. Bob, vk2byf

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