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That’s what Magnifying glasses were made for – 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3x are cheap 





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I've just looked at my X-Trail and I think I've lost any enthusiasm I had for installing radios, hi. I think the engine block was poured in situ!

The main frame of the vehicle - subframe, floor pan, roof, firewall and door frames - seems to be a welded mass of metal to which mudguards, bonnet, doors, etc are bolted, so any bolts attaching components to the sub-frame could be a possibility. A "Z" bracket coming out from under the bonnet could possibly utilise one of the mudguard mounting bolts. A magbase on the edge of the bonnet could be earthed via a short lead to a mudguard mount or the bonnet hinge mount. Most bonnets are not purposely earthed so heavy(ish) straps (RG213 braid, e.g.) around the hinges could be beneficial. A couple of possibilities there, but this is just one specific vehicle. 

My days of crawling over and under vehicles to install radios ended a long time ago; these days I'm the wrong shape for crawling under, and multi-focal spectacles don't work well upside down under a dash.




On 04/12/17 08:23, Glen English VK1XX wrote:

In looking for a place to attach a ground strap, consider that ideally, you want the largest continous area of metal. That is probably the engine bay firewall (which would attach to the upper body, roof etc) ,  fender mounts,  or in the rear, hinge mounts of the rear hatch, etc. 

Anyone else have any input here  on where to connect on a modern vehicle to maximise surface area ? 

comeon. ??? 

I am a bit out of tough on modern vehicles. (I have a 2005 XC90 which if you pass a RG58 through a door seal will squash it flat and cause a short... hence requiring coax entry through a bung in the spare tyre well under the vehicle) 

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