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Sun Dec 3 23:29:51 AEDT 2017


Been following the HF thread and interested to know if a Codan 8528 could be used for this?

Been looking at options for installing a HF APRS option for travel out west when VHF is just not going to work, Currently using a AP510 full time in the car.

Trip currently being worked on – Simpson Desert next May-June – First leg Head out of Birdsville then up the Hay River track to the top, refuel turn around and head south back down the Hay river track to Poeppel Corner, then west on the Rig Road or WAA line – Mt Dare area for a few days then up and head east on the Madigan line – Aprox 3 weeks in the Desert.

I have the Codan NGT and an Icom 706MKIIG in the Troopy and may use one of these but still looking at my options.


Peter – VK4FSD 

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