[OZAPRS] Need a hand

Glen English VK1XX glenlist at pacificmedia.com.au
Sun Dec 3 18:56:29 AEDT 2017

hi Andrew

Please do ya best to answer the following barrage of questions and I may 
be able to assist :

but all questions need to be answered to solve the crossword...

1) what is the whip.

2) where is it located, precisely

3) does the ground on the base of the whi[ measure 0 ohms to the chassis ?

4) how long RG58 lead in ?

5) Is the radio grounded via a local ground short strap/thick wire to 
earth bolt or only its negative power lead ?

6) does it dip below 2:1 VSWR anywhere when you sweep it with a VNA ?

7) With the VNA, is the VNA grounded, or floating on the end of the  coax?

8) With the VNA, if floating, does the VNA indicated sweep/match change 
if you ground the outer of the VNA coax connector to a local ground like 
ground bolt ona  door hinge etc

On 3/12/2017 6:42 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:
> I bought a 30 m whip for the car
> Can’t get better than vswr 6:1
> I was told I need to ground the base
> Also cigarette lighter maybe not enough current ?
> 10.147 MHz
> Andrew
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