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I can reliably get into the ISS digipeater with 5 watts from my handheld -
into a 3-element handheld yagi. (and if I remember to set the correct
I also managed to get into the LilacSat-1 FM-to-Codec2 transponder using
50mW of FM into the same antenna.

Yes, if you are using an antenna not really designed for satellite
operations (pointable, or at least circularly polarised to get over
polarisation mismatch issues), then you will need higher powers to make up
for the losses.

There have been rumblings of putting a SatGate into a site on top of the
Adelaide hills, but it hasn't happened yet. I can't guarantee mine is going
to be that effective, so the more the merrier I think.

Mark VK5QI

On Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 7:55 PM, Terry, VK5ATN <vk5atn at internode.on.net>

> On 30/08/2017 3:59 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:
> Anyone running sat gates for ISS / NO-84 ?
> Andrew VK4TEC
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> Not yet, but in the apparent absence of a working Igate in South Australia
> I'm thinking about it- probably with a Microsat WX3in1
> <http://microsat.com.pl/product_info.php?currency=USD&products_id=100&language=en>
> .
> At present my efforts to have a beacon successfully digipeated from ISS
> have relied on the Igates in WA or VK3KAW in Victoria (who seems to be off
> air at present anyway).    The  optimum orbit for a successful login on
> findu ISS page using the generous facility offered by the owners of these
> stations largely for the enjoyment of others are complex, and it's not as
> easy as it looks from a quick and simplistic glance at Orbitron or any
> other program.
> In my experience, and remembering the situation I have described above,
> I've never had any success with less than 25 watts into a 1/4 wave
> vertical, and I've been doing this for a few years now.    If you can
> reliably get a beacon to ISS with five or ten watts when the bird is
> somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 KM away then I'm interested.
> 73
> Terry
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