[OZAPRS] ISS Packet system down....

vk2tv vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Wed Aug 2 08:59:41 AEST 2017

On 01/08/17 16:03, Andrew Rich wrote:
> Very much depends on antenna altitude
True, but the aircraft FL has the most impact. For an antenna here (site 
location 8m ASL), mounted 1m AGL, the radio distance to a plane at FL 
390 (12000m) is 455km. I only gain another 19km (to 474km) by raising 
the antenna to 30m AGL. Those figures are for my best direction, a 
virtually uninterrupted path to the Pacific Ocean. If I pick the reverse 
direction I'd be lucky to get 150km due to the Great Dividing Range 
rising 4000-5000ft just west of me. My antenna is currently inside, 
against a south facing window, and I see some aircraft, at around FL 
350, out to around 250-350km to the east. Other directions only serve to 
prove how much attenuation bricks and mortar, and a great lump of hill 
have at 1090MHz!
> I made a power over Ethernet box here as well
I didn't get that adventurous. I'll run separate ethernet and 12V cables 
- it's only a 20ft run that easily accessible.
> Still can't beat the hill installation
Don't forget that old rule of thumb - "no matter how high the hill, 
there's no substitute for height above that hill". In other words, use a 
big tower if you can.
> I have noticed on occasion a dump1090 data break
Do you mean the program just stops decoding? I've not struck that problem.
> Never sorted it out
> A
Ray vk2tv

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