[OZAPRS] ISS Packet system down....

vk2tv vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Tue Aug 1 12:50:29 AEST 2017

On 01/08/17 12:17, Liz wrote:
> you say you just have windowsXP. For a very small price a RTL-SDR
> receiver, a suitable antenna and a current microcomputer (eg RPi) would
> build you a complete iGate which won't cost much to run, and need an
> occasional restart.
> Just another experiment....
> I'm currently using a RTL-SDR and a Pine64 to watch the ADS-B traffic,
> with a collinear antenna built from scrap coax. That's another fun
> experiment.
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> Liz
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I agree, but why the occasional reboot?

My RPi with RTL dongle for ADS-B currently has an uptime of 125 days, 
and has been sending data to PlaneFinder for 70 days. Give the RPi a 
decent power supply and it will run for forever!

My previous (and soon to be again) APRS satgate used a Pi driving a 
four-port FTDI USB/RS232 adaptor to drive an old TNC (Tiny 2) and the 
old Icom IC-2 handheld for 145.825. That arrangement ran for months 
without a reboot, and gave the old Icom a new purpose in life.

Ray vk2tv

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