[OZAPRS] My Callsign never shows up on aprs.fi

Ashley Betts Ashley.Betts at saltbushsoftware.com
Tue Jan 5 21:13:22 AEDT 2016

Hi All,
    I have a Yaesu VX-8 handheld that I’m trying to configure to tx my position via APRS. I followed all of the steps in the radios manual and used the frequencies and digi-paths specified on aprs.net.au <http://aprs.net.au/> website but yet my station never seems to show up on aprs.fi <http://aprs.fi/>. I’m receiving other stations reports on my handheld so I can receive ok. If I push the TX-PO button the radio appears to tx but as I mentioned before, nothing shows up. I have the GPS unit and have it configured to auto report. My calls sign is VK4HSA-9. Can anyone offer any suggestions to resolve this issue?



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