[OZAPRS] ADS-B to APRS in Adelaide?

Darryl Smith darryl at radio-active.net.au
Fri Feb 26 18:55:52 AEDT 2016

Hi all

Not sure it really needs to gate to APRS on air - after all, ADSB can be received fairly simply and has a fairly good range when the aircraft are airborne... Cool to see none the less. My best friend and I have been transmitting ADSB for about six years I think, and it is rather cool - so powerful

Particularly since i am actually in Adelaide today, having come across to do some radio work at the airport, and decided to stay for the Torrens ParkRun tomorrow morning

Darryl VK2TDS

On 26 Feb 2016, at 6:09 PM, Mark Jessop <lenniethelemming at gmail.com<mailto:lenniethelemming at gmail.com>> wrote:

Someone is gating ADS-B traffic to APRS (RF too, not just APRS-IS!)

Picture: https://i.imgur.com/Pyd8wNE.jpg

Interesting stress test of the local APRS network, not so sure it's a good idea to keep it going though...

- Mark VK5QI

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